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by Claire Birchall , Bernie Hayes , Love Positions , Tom Morgan , Plunderers , Luke Russell , Smudge , Various , and Wilding ,

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“Half A Cow is twenty five years old this year, and it was touch-and-go for a while there.” says label owner Nic “Chewee” Dalton (promoting his new record there.) “With the supposed demise of the compact disc and the resurgence but expensive and time-consuming outlay for vinyl, what does an independent label do when it wants to keep releasing records, new and old?”
Despite not having an iPhone, an iPad or an iAnything and only listening to records through his late 40s mono speaker box, Nic Dalton has embraced
THE MODERN WORLD. He knows that - sadly - listening to great music is now done digitally the world over.
To that end, Half A Cow has spent the last year sifting through all the old demos sent to them – sorting through friends’ bands and hits from yesteryear, and rediscovering the lost gems that demand to be heard – as well as checking out submissions from new bands received almost daily all with the end goal of making this music available digitally.
From the indie pop genius of Glenn Thompson’s Beachfield and Adele&Glenn, to the defiant DIY stance of Melbourne’s Claire Birchall, there’s a whole lot of variety from folky singer songwriter fare to avant garde punk. This compilation has everything from the latest Half A Cow releases – including Wilding, The Proposition, New Zealand’s ambient psych band Moses, pop sensation Imogen Bel - to old HAC favourites Bidston Moss, La Huva and the Treetops.

1. WILDING Missing Her (2:37)
2. WADE JACKSON Carolina (2:31)
3. BERNIE HAYES I Wanted To Cry (3:35)
4. IMOGEN BEL I Want The World (3:50)
5. MAGIC TUNDRA Extraño (3:06)
6. MOSES Because You Never Know (3:52)
7. THE PROPOSITION I Don't Even Know (3:17)
8. ADELE&GLENN Rescue (3:09)
9. PORTAL WINDOW I Could Tell You... (3:10)
10. THE NATURE STRIP Cup Of Tea (3:27)
11. KATIE WHYTE Summer Raincheck (2:39)
12. SPOKAINE Beat Up (2:31)
13. TOM MORGAN Local Knowledge (1:44)
14. BIDSTON MOSS Junior (4:50)
15. BEACHFIELD Suburban Life (3:02)
16. CLAIRE BIRCHALL Rock & Roll Girl (4:03)
17. BILBY Collingwood (3:01)
18. SEVENTEEN Annandale (1:59)
19. THE LOVE EXPLOSION I Wanna Go Back (3:45)
20. LA HUVA Ambassador Of Love (3:01)
21. THE SHOUTIES Indelible (2:41)
22. THE TREETOPS What's The Deal? (2:03)
23. CROW Bad Fun (2:44)
24. REVEREND JEMIMA Supermarket (2:05)
25. PLUNDERERS End Of Your World (4:56)
26. CHEWEE I Believe You Liar (:58)
27. LOVE POSITIONS Tea, Toast and Turmoil (1:02)