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Kid Cornered :: LOOPHOLES (new album!)

by Kid Cornered


Kid Cornered’s fifth album, ‘loopholes’ (originally titled, ‘I Shall Be Unreleased’) was initially going to be given out, in the way that cassette mix-tapes used to be passed on. But the Kid (The Woods Themselves, El Mopa, Via Tania) handed it to Tim Whitten, the maestro, who whittled it, pounded it like a hotel pillow and kicked out the hospital corners. Its intricately crafted loops are held together by warm, soulful melodies in a reverb glow - an indie rock treasure.

1. Tape Hiss
2. Must have been a bus
3. Break-down tales
4. Eleven Steps
5. Ten Steps
6. Belly Full of freeway
7. No High
8. ghost f
9. Smoking water
10. Branched
11. Rudder on the rail

All songs written by Matthew Toohey