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by PJ Orr


FOGGY NOTION is a celebration: off the road, on the couch and over the cliff!

PJ ORR's debut solo record comes at the end of a decade of making music with Sydney indie rock band Hailer. Foggy Notion combines acoustic folk and blues forms with heady doses of electrified psych rock.

Some are brave enough to say they can hear the cheapjack sneer of Marc Bolan meets Primal Scream on tracks like Animals and Mona Lisa; others, with their pinpoint eyes, zero in on the Ariel Pink-esque pop wiggyness come Ginsberg boogie of Blowing Zen. I like it when PJ’s at his sweetest . . . moody acoustic guitar-picking suburban poet shining through on tracks like Find The Believers, Lost You to the Darkness and Come Down Sometime… reeling off the couch and through the speakers . . . recalling Neil Young, come Paul Kelly and Kurt Vile.

Half a dozen studio's later with Pete Holz riding shot-gun on the dials and an album is born. A walk through the woods in more ways than one…FOGGY NOTION.

Happy Magazine (Aus) 2016:

“A woozy cocktail of shoegaze, folk and blues, Foggy Notion is an album that will catch you off guard with its diverse sounds and take you to the best possible places.

“Shining solo debut album is a genre-bending release driven by a cathartic Story telling quality”

“Foggy Notion really does live up to the clichéd saying of having something for everyone. For a debut solo release, PJ Orr has done a stellar job at forming a well-rounded album that draws on an interesting bunch of influences from different genres and decades.”

Off The Record – The Vintage Record Blog (Aus) 2016:

“Foggy Notion is a collection of songs capturing the recriminations and mindsets of old relationships ending and new ones commencing.”

Obscure Sound – Blog (USA) 2016:

“Foggy Notion is a masterstroke”

“Track three Mona Lisa is an excellent example of what to expect here, showing a twangy and dexterous vein of psych-folk and alt-rock that will attract the immediate attention of Radiohead fans.”

No More Workhorse – Blog (UK) 2016:

“PJ Orr’s debut album Foggy Notion is well worth sharing”

Mad Mackeral - Blog (UK):

“Foggy Notion hashes together acoustic folk and blues forms with a healthy doses of psychedelia, all underpinned by a cathartic story telling quality.”

Music News Nashville – Website (USA):

“PJ Orr sings in such an warm and conversational way that it feels like you’re right there with him.”