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DOG TRUMPET :: Great South Road (cd)

by Dog Trumpet


Dog Trumpet’s brand new album Great South Road is an eclectic blend of rock, psychedelic folk and semi-abstract blues, featuring the first single “Gravity” and the songs Wallpaper, Lonely Death Cleaning Company and You’ve Heard it All Before. The album was released on 1st May 2020 on the Electric Entertainment label. Their last album the double Medicated Spirits having been nominated for Australian Music Prize’s album of the year.

Not Quite Enough 3:29
Wallpaper 4:53
Gravity 4:56
Lonely Death Cleaning Company 3:48
At Anytime 4:36
You've Heard It All Before 3:12
Gangrene 4:40
Walk To The Moon 4:23
Overseas And Elsewhere 3:49
Stay For Too Long 4:23
Atom 3:44
How To Find My Way Home 4:39