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Nic Dalton :: BLAST COOLS 90-92

by Nic Dalton


King Of My Feelings
Flat Lemonade
Red Electric Noodle
Way Out Jim #2
Fuzzy Feeling
In Spite Of It All
Apple Butter
Neon Amanda
Lost Four Days
Feel Your Way
Blast Cools
Time Twists May
Spare Towel

The third instalment of four-track recordings from Nic Dalton. These thirteen songs from early 1990 to March 1992 are all previously unreleased (except for home mixes of “Lost Four Days” and “King of My Feelings” which appeared on the Booth Tape cassette). At the time Nic was in the Plunderers, who were experimenting with psychedelic pop and that can be heard on a lot of these songs, especially “Red Electric Noodle”, “Flat Lemonade” and “Blast Cools”.

Apart from Smudge/Godstar drummer Alison Galloway on three songs (including a faster version of “Way Out Jim”), Nic plays all the instruments himself. In May 1992, Nic left Australia to join Boston band Lemonheads and his routine of four-track recording his latest batch of songs pretty much ended, with only sporadic sessions taking place from then to now. The painting on the front cover was chosen specifically for this reason – it was done the night before he left Australia in May 1992.

Five of the songs were mixed by David Coulthard-Clark at Charing Cross in 1998 and Tim Kevin mixed the remaining songs at Tempe River Studio in 2018.