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Various Artists

by Nic Dalton and Various


LA FEMME, NO HOMME? (She Loves You Vol. 1)
Vermishus: Amaze Me
The Spinsters: Bad Pills
Nitocris: O.B.I.D.
Spdfgh: Wikky's Ode
Bidston Moss: Junior
Skulker: Hej
Lustre 4: Ma Hannah
Look Blue Go Purple: Cactus Cat
Semi-Gloss: Eight Million Strong
Stella One Eleven: Go Slow Girl
Fuzzy: Dead End Day
Moler: Used To Be
Undergirl: My Girl
Half Miler: Married
Twelve24: Jenny
120 Mins: Each Time
Robyn St Clare: Slow Slide Down
Sunday: Going Home

1. A Girl Called Charlie: Run (sung by Rose Rhys)
2. Wanda & The Magicians: Hypnotized (sung by Sally Russell)
3. Starsign: I Want To Have An Affair (sung by Caroline Day)
4. Amy Livingstone: Living On The Air (sung by Lara Meyerratken)
5. Kelly Wilson: Love Went Away (sung by Juliana Hatfield)
6. Alex Raye: Please Don't Keep Me Hanging On To You (sung by Colleen Cross)
7. The Haystax featuring Jeanette Clark: Hi (sung by Siobhan Little)
8. June Jones: Don't Let The Sun Melt Into The Sea (sung by Nicky Smith)
9. Millie May & The Dizzy Goldtops: If He Hollers (sung by WenDy Russell)
10. Starsign: Honey (sung by Caroline Day)
11. Amy Livingstone: What Have I Got To Lose (sung by Lara Meyerratken)
12. Stellar: Starstruck (sung by Kirsty Stegwazi)