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You & Your So-Called Friends :: DOWNTOWN SPLITSVILLE

by You & Your So-Called Friends


The story of You & Your So-Called Friends starts way back in the early 90s, when the fresh-faced and naïve Luke Russell and Leigh Richards began singing harmonies together after school. Years later, cynical and jaded, these two crooners reconnected to sing some countryish numbers of Luke's that had been gathering dust, waiting for their chance to shine. And when they shone, a band was formed. Looking to add a female voice for three part harmonies, Luke and Leigh roped in actor Blazey Best, who ended up outsinging the both of them, and bringing some showbiz razzle dazzle to their live set. The band was completed with the addition of a top-notch rhythm section: Peter Timmerman on drums and Paul Scott on bass. The well-crafted storytelling songs that make up their debut album, Downtown Splitsville, cover a range of genres. Kicking off with the powerful soul feel of "I'm Giving You One More Chance, Boy", the band move through the country rock of "Oh! Darlene" and "She Don't Know That It's Over", the swampy blues of "New Dress, New Lover", the nostalgic bossa nova "Not Then, Not Now", and the tear-jerking ballad "I'm Never At My Best".

I'm Giving You One More Chance, Boy
Oh! Darlene
Nothing and No One
New Dress, New Lover
Sweet Jelly Roll
I'm Never At My Best
She Don't Know That It's Over
Not Then, Not Now
Time For Us To Go Our Separate Ways
My Man Downtown
I Walk A Lonely Road
Remember When You Kissed Me